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Jesse Vizcaino is a Client Partner of the Technology industry at 3Pillar Global, where he promotes the health and growth of strategic 3Pillar client relationships, and helps companies derive value out of new or existing revenue-impacting digital products.

Jesse has over 10 years of experience in business development, technical services leadership, client management, and operations management. He has an extensive technology background, with experience in agile/lean project management, mobile software platforms, web-based technology ecosystems and frameworks, and API-driven development.

Prior to joining 3Pillar, Jesse was the COO and Managing Director of Accounts at Mobomo. In this role, he was responsible for redefining and growing the organization through expansive business development, creating innovative solutions, integrating cutting-edge tools with lean agile and scrum capabilities, and defining internal business processes to streamline client service.

Jesse graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.