Brands you know and love partner with 3Pillar to understand and expand their business. We’ve helped them grow revenue, increase market share, and boost customer engagement. See the results we’ve achieved working alongside some of our most successful clients. Let us show you how our product mindset can transform your business.
Modernizing Patient Experience
Modernizing the Patient Experience with an All-in-One Solution
A leading US healthcare provider turned to 3Pillar Global’s extensive expertise in creating a unified patient portal. Their goal was to enhance patient experience and operational efficiency, addressing critical needs in a complex healthcare landscape.
Informa Markets Case Study
Data-Driven Digital Discovery Brings Specialty Retailers and Brands Together
Informa brought in 3Pillar Global to help them reimagine how they stay connected with natural product retailers and brands — both on and off the show floor. They introduced the Beacon Discovery™ platform with a beta launch at Natural Products Expo West in March 2023, where attendees gave it a warm reception.
Home Healthcare App Modernization
Helping a Home Health TPA Automate Their Authorization and Claims Adjudication Process
A traditional home health TPA sought to automate their authorization and claims adjudication process, driving efficiencies and increasing accuracy in their revenue cycle management operations. 3Pillar developed a business rules engine that helped them double their claims processing capacity.
UX Design for local municipalities
Delivering a Cross-Platform UX that Enables Local Municipalities to Provide Critical Services to Millions
A leading information services company that provides a cloud-based solution to towns and municipalities to manage a wide range of public services for their citizens wanted to create a more seamless experience for users that would help them more easily accomplish what they set out to do.
MLS Information Modernization
Turning an MLS's Technology into an Asset that Drives Nearly $2 Million in New Revenue & Savings Combined
Our MLS client needed to integrate twenty MLS acquisitions, which had resulted in siloed data and a complicated technology stack that became increasingly complex and brittle over time. 3Pillar was brought on board to create one unified data and technology stack to drive revenue, enable new services, and increase profitability.
Case Study Investment Management
Reducing Fund Request Errors by 80% & Turnaround Time by 70%
A leading Canadian multinational alternative investment management company faced high coordination costs and lengthy turnaround times associated with fund requests. To optimize its capital investment and approval process, this company sought out an automation solution for the fund request process.
Harnessing Data to Help a Community Healthcare Organization Drive a New Standard of Care
3Pillar recently helped a leading healthcare provider improve interoperability of disparate patient data from different EHR systems to create one cohesive dataset that informs Medicare and Medicaid population health solutions.
Health Insurance Portal Modernization
Positively Impacting the Digital Experience for a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company’s Customers
3Pillar provided a leading MCO’s customers with an end-to-end online experience that makes the highly complex, regulated process of managing one’s own healthcare simple.
Healthcare case study
Leading a Lab Tech Company to the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation and Digital Solutions
3Pillar collaborated with the company to build an end-to-end clinical workflow management platform using Robotic Process Automation to rapidly accelerate payment processing.
Case Study Natural Language Processing
Reducing Insurance Quote Submission Time by 95%
Faced with inefficiencies in processing quotes sought a solution that would optimize their workflow, drive faster turnaround times, and reduce errors across all lines of business, leading to faster, more confident underwriting.
Media Platform Development Case Study
Targeting Growth with Data-Driven, Cross-Screen TV Advertising
Cadent partnered with 3Pillar Global to expand their technical resources and develop advanced capabilities to scale and grow in an evolving media environment.
Leveraging UX Analysis & User Interviews to Drive User Growth & Retention
A leading subscription-based image library provider acquired a competitor whose usage steadily declined over time. This prompted the parent company to engage 3Pillar Global to perform a UX Assessment to identify experience improvements that could positively impact the product’s bottom line and generate an ROI.
Using a Design System to Create a Unified Suite of Products
A leading consumer intelligence company came to 3Pillar Global looking for help developing dashboards and data visualization for a new data product. It became clear that the company also needed a streamlined way of carrying design updates beyond a single product.
Case Study Insurance Portal
Digital Experience Portal for P&C Insurer
A leading east-coast Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance provider engaged us to drive and manage its digital transformation journey and revamp customer engagement by building a streamlined customer portal. 
MVP to Full Fledged application
Elevating a Product MVP to a Full-Fledged Digital Fitness Concierge
The St. James, a premium health club in Northern Virginia, initially engaged 3Pillar Global to build a digital valet application to connect members with personal training sessions, group fitness classes, wellness evaluations, and equipment availability, but things changed in early 2020.
A 13-Week Sprint to Success (and a Brand-New Digital Assistant)
One of the world’s largest fashion brands enlisted 3Pillar Global to bring a Digital Assistant to life that would drive in-store sales and increase revenue.
Using a Design System to Accelerate Development Cycles and Streamline UX
A web3 company that provides white-label NFT solutions for leading brands came to 3Pillar Global to help them build custom NFT exchanges for their growing customer base. Our UX team identified that a Design System was a more scalable solution to meet their needs than simply continuing the current process.
Making Car Crash Reporting As Painless As Possible for Police
CARFAX and 3Pillar Global teamed up to envision and validate a new digital product for police to use in the immediate aftermath of car crashes.
Learning to Pivot When Your Assumptions Are Off Target
A leading provider of market research and advisory services came to 3Pillar Global looking for help with what they assumed would be a data visualization engagement for three of their core market research platforms. But what we uncovered was that there was much more to their users’ needs than met the eye.
Enhancing a Trusted Banking Company’s Online User Experience
A trusted banking network engaged with 3Pillar Global to improve their online portal UX and enhance the customer experience they deliver to the market.
Research, Collaboration & Heavy-Duty Engineering Lead to a Best-in-Class Digital Solution
Trex, the leading provider of composite deck solutions in the US, came to 3Pillar Global for help completely re-imagining and rebuilding their consumer-facing Deck Designer product.
Turning a Total Loss Into a Total Win
CARFAX and 3Pillar Global provided insurance adjusters and vehicle owners with a more accurate way to determine the fair market value of totaled vehicles.
Seizing Market Expansion and Reopening Opportunities with University Buyers
Interfolio engaged 3Pillar Global in a Product Development Maturity Assessment to improve product development practices across the entire organization.
Revenue Diversification Case Study
Reimagining Live Events to Expand Audience & Diversify Revenue
Fortune partnered with 3Pillar Global to build Fortune Connect, a digital event and networking platform that helped diversify revenue in just 6 months.
Venminder feature image
Accelerating Capabilities To Technology Stack For Complete Vendor Lifecycle Management
Venminder is a recognized leader of third-party risk management solutions. Risk and compliance, procurement and vendor management teams rely on the Venminder platform to guide them through critical vendor evaluation processes such as risk assessments, due diligence requirements, questionnaires, and task management.
Class Technologies banner image
Transforming Education with Class
Class Technologies Inc. adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom and makes the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom. It helps teachers take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, talk one-on-one with students and more.
Credit Union Technology Case Study
Paving the Way for Digital Transformation of One of the Largest US Credit Unions While Enhancing Customer Experience
3Pillar Global supported the execution of two of the credit union's strategic initiatives at the same time -- keeping existing banking applications running smoothly while setting the stage for a full-scale transformation.
Big Data Big Opportunity
Big Data = Massive Opportunity
Comscore is a trusted currency for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, covering a data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, over-the-top and theatrical viewership intelligence with advanced audience insights.
Omnichannel Case Study
Transforming Fortune into an Omnichannel Digital Media Powerhouse
In just six months, 3Pillar Global helped Fortune diversify revenue streams by moving to a premium model for on-demand and mobile apps.
Child using PBS programming on iPad
Powering Content Distribution Beyond Broadcast
Over the course of a decade of partnership, PBS transformed from a traditional media company to a digital media leader, delivering award-winning content via web, mobile, and connected devices. PBS is the most trusted name in public broadcasting, offering news, education, and entertainment programming for viewers of all ages.
Auto Insurer App Case Study
Major Auto Insurer
Consumers today expect to have convenient, effortless and personalized digital experiences with every brand and service they use. Through our longstanding partnership with one of the top three property and casualty insurers in the US, we aimed to change that by bringing them to the forefront of digital innovation. Our collaboration led to the creation of a custom product portfolio including a 4.8 star rated App that leverages augmented reality and machine learning to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience and cement our client as a leader in the sector.
Empowering Software Product To Do The Heavy Lifting
Leveraging premium technology solutions, Equinox expanded their business internationally and developed a digital member community without breaking a sweat. Equinox is a health and wellness brand that operates luxury fitness clubs as well as SoulCycle, Blink Fitness, and PURE Yoga studios.
Live | Ex
Scaling A Platform That Gets Better With Age
Liv-ex disrupted the fine wine trading market, introducing new standards of efficiency and transparency to revolutionize the way bottles had been valued, bought, and sold for centuries. Liv-ex is the premier digital marketplace for buyers and sellers of fine wine, tracking prices and facilitating transactions.
Harnessing Data To Fuel Business Insights
Natural Insight revolutionized their workforce management platform to help 85K+ hourly workers complete 500K+ tasks in 100K+ locations every month. Natural Insight provides cloud-based workforce management software to merchandisers, product companies, event marketers, and retailers.
Podcast Publisher Case Study
Major US Podcast Publisher
Built with protection at the core, the #1 US podcast publisher’s custom, open-source, podcast analytics SDK ensures listener rights and sets a new standard in accurate engagement insights — paving the way for the maturation of podcast analytics and the growth of the podcast ad market.
Customer Engagement Case Study
Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform for One of the Largest Payment Processing Corporations in the World
Over a multiyear strategic partnership, a customer loyalty and engagement program partner grew from a data analytics startup that leveraged our expertise to close deals to serving a portfolio of household-name brands.
Media Case Study
The Largest Provider of Spanish-Language Media in the US
The largest provider of Spanish-language media in the US launched a set of mobile applications across its affiliate network with custom content and targeted strategies to increase audience engagement and ad revenue.