Product Development Maturity Assessment

Increase the efficiency & throughput of your product development process. Gauge the overall health of more than 100 product development processes.

Product Development Maturity Assessment Overview

Were any of your last big feature releases rockier than you expected? Does your organization have to roll back pushes to production because of escaped defects? These issues are more common than you might think. Modern-day product development can be a highwire act, and all it takes is one mistake to bring an entire system crashing down.

Our Product Development Maturity Assessment (PDMA) offering gives executives and product leaders peace of mind that they’re getting the optimal return from their product development organization. One of the keys to doing so is leveraging our proprietary framework for assessing quality in the product development process, the Product Development Health Index™.

The index assesses more than 100 areas of the product development process and lifecycle to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. It also helps identify and break down silos in your product development processes, accelerating the pace at which you can release new products and features to drive business goals.

Measure Your Org’s Product Development Maturity

Product Development Maturity Assessment

Why Opt for a Product Development Maturity Assessment?

Doing 299 things right out of 300 isn’t good enough in the field of modern-day product development. One batch of leaked customer data, just to give one example, can cause severe reputational damage for years to come. Unforced errors in areas like security are entirely preventable, and they’re why going through an exercise like the Product Development Maturity Assessment can be so valuable.

The PDMA helps teams align on what “good” looks like in product development, provides recommendations that are concrete and actionable, and sets teams up for long-term success with their product development efforts. It can help address customer attrition by increasing collaboration between business, product, UX, and engineering teams, and it helps provide a solid foundation on which to build products that keep customers coming back.

Case Studies

Seizing Market Expansion and Reopening Opportunities with University Buyers
Interfolio engaged 3Pillar Global in a Product Development Maturity Assessment to improve product development practices across the entire organization.
Credit Union Technology Case Study
Paving the Way for Digital Transformation of One of the Largest US Credit Unions While Enhancing Customer Experience
3Pillar Global supported the execution of two of the credit union's strategic initiatives at the same time -- keeping existing banking applications running smoothly while setting the stage for a full-scale transformation.

Meet the Team

Senior Director, Global Head of Product Management
Lindsay Kloepping

As a seasoned product leader, self-proclaimed fixer and community builder, Lindsay Kloepping is dedicated to helping companies, teams, and individuals achieve their goals through strategic thinking, close collaboration, and accountability. With over 20 years of experience in product management and development, she has built and led cross-functional teams empowered to build products that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Principal User Experience Designer
Don Hiles

Don Hiles has been with 3Pillar Global since 2015, specializing in designing products based on challenging user research needs and aggressive timelines. He is a user experience architect with a strong background in end user communication and needs. He is also a frequent liaison between the design team and the development team, championing internal user needs of both. Don is a dedicated team leader and self motivator and is always tinkering with game design and creating new and innovative avenues of interaction for a global world.

Solutions Architect
Dimitris Zarkadoulas

Dimitris Zarkadoulas has more than 25 years in the software development field and has spent the last 10 years working as an Architect, leading and guiding teams to build successful digital products and solutions. He’s responsible for client business assessments, enterprise architecture, and solutions design, as well as consulting in sectors like advertising, healthcare, construction and media.

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