Enterprise Generative AI

Assess where Generative AI can make the biggest impact for your business. Explore real-world applications where AI and machine learning can help you drive competitive advantage.


Put Generative AI to Work

Are you under increasing pressure to harness the power of Generative AI? Do you need to develop a roadmap for how you can apply AI and machine learning to drive your business farther, faster? We can help you separate the hype from the hope by determining and validating specific, high-value AI use cases for your organization.

Our Enterprise Generative AI offering helps leaders tap into the promise of AI by working with a proven partner that has firsthand experience harnessing the technology. It enables organizations to assess potential AI focus areas and evaluate their feasibility and viability by building a rapid, time-boxed Proof of Concept.

This collaborative exercise drives important decisions any business will need to make to take advantage of AI, including foundation model selection, buy vs. build analysis, and the establishment of an AI roadmap to guide future decisions.

Tap Into the Power of Generative AI

Why Opt for 3Pillar's Enterprise Generative AI Offering?

Generative AI has the potential to fundamentally transform the way businesses deliver value to their customers. While we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of the impact AI will have, just a few of the benefits companies stand to glean from our offering are informed decision-making, competitive advantage, risk mitigation, and cost optimization.

Our 3Pillar Delivery teams leverage a GenAI Assessment Framework to help clients quickly identify and assess where AI can provide the most value and how viable it is to achieve. The framework includes an opportunity radar to assess feasibility, an


adoption decision matrix to align with corporate or product strategy, a number of generic AI use case cards to help identify client- or market-specific opportunities, and an ROI calculator that incorporates different pricing models.

The Enterprise Generative AI offering includes access to 3Pillar’s Innovation Lab, a team of technologists dedicated to evaluating AI technologies and developing reusable components that help clients achieve their AI solution. The Innovation Lab maintains a collection of GenAI design patterns, and research and reusable assets for delivery teams to leverage.

Opportunity Radar

Rank GenAI opportunities by feasibility and understand how existing operations or product features will be impacted.

Speed to Value

Assess use cases according to the expected investment, time to value, and business value.

Return on Investment

Establish a benchmark for the expected ROI of GenAI investments to measure success for solutioning adoption.

Adoption Decision Matrix

Decide the right strategy for the organization overall, as well as each use case.

Meet the Team

Director, Global Innovation
David Evans

David Evans is the Director of Global Innovation for 3Pillar Global, leading a team of engineers to evaluate the application of AI technologies across a range of use cases and industries. David’s background in technology has focused on designing and building data engineering systems for investment firms, economic data warehouses for central banks and an electronic prescribing platform connecting doctors and pharmacies.

Senior AI/ML Research Scientist
Benny Cheung

Benny Cheung is a Senior AI/ML Research Scientist with a rich, three-decade career marked predominantly by his exceptional skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and a dedicated product-oriented mindset. His extensive background in AI is evident in his influential role in creating and developing the AI Lab at 3Pillar Global, where he led the charge in exploring and expanding into machine learning and generative AI technologies.

Project Director
Jacob Tseng

Jacob Tseng has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of delivering software solutions to a variety of large and small organizations across industries. He has extensive experience in numerous software development methodologies and has led teams using Agile and traditional development approaches. Combined with his technical architect background, Jacob has a proven ability to bring a project from business needs through business analysis, system architecture design, implementation, and deployment – on time and on budget.

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