Scaling A Platform That Gets Better With Age

Liv-ex disrupted the fine wine trading market, introducing new standards of efficiency and transparency to revolutionize the way bottles had been valued, bought, and sold for centuries.

Liv-ex is the premier digital marketplace for buyers and sellers of fine wine, tracking prices and facilitating transactions.


Liv-ex needed technology to support their rapid growth and to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape.

After launching a first-of-its-kind online wine trading platform, Liv-ex was ready to upgrade their system. They were collecting significant volumes of user data but weren’t productizing that data or integrating user feedback into the product.


3Pillar Global and Liv-ex have partnered for more than a decade to transform their tech stack, advance their product portfolio, and extend their reach.

3Pillar optimized the underlying Liv-ex infrastructure on AWS and redesigned the end-to-end user experience. Together, we envisioned and deployed a database subscription service that opened a substantial revenue stream. Our dedicated team of engineers now serves as the core development component of the Liv-ex product organization. The new responsive platform provides and intelligently suggests trading opportunities across the web and mobile.


Liv-ex has increased sales by more than 900%. They generate £50M+ a year in revenue, contributing to the growth of the fine wine industry by £1B.

With 3Pillar guiding the way, Liv-ex increased development velocity and created a more scalable architecture. The updated product offers several APIs and an SDK based on JavaScript with ReactJS, so Liv-ex can sell its technology in addition to its services and market data.