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Prepare your data foundations to deliver value with a comprehensive approach to Data Engineering. Establish a framework that enables your organization to learn from data at scale.

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Our Data Engineering Offering

Are you struggling to derive value and insights from the mountain of data at your company’s disposal? Are you experiencing difficulties with data quality, consistency, or accessibility? Our Data Engineering offering was created to address common issues like these at the enterprise level. From unbundling data silos to ensuring data accuracy to building data pipelines, our engineers can make sure your data works for you.

Our Data Engineering offering helps companies design and implement robust data pipelines by leveraging cloud infrastructure and modern data manipulation tools. It helps leaders prepare their data so that internal teams will be able to uncover insights, identify market trends, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions.

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Data Engineering Services

Why Opt for 3Pillar’s Data Engineering Offering?

Much has been written about how data is “the new oil,” a valuable commodity that can yield outsized gains for the select few who can figure out how to harness it. Relatively little, however, has been written about the disciplines required to tap into that data. Our Data Engineering offering helps organizations improve the quality and segmentation of their data, which leads to more accurate analysis, more informed decision-making, and more reliable data throughout the variety of disparate systems.

Additionally, Data Engineering can enable real-time data processing, which helps business leaders make decisions more quickly and puts insights in their hands at the exact moment they need them. If you’ve ever thought, “This data is fantastic. I just wish I’d had it in the moment so I could’ve made an informed decision in real-time,” then our Data Engineering offering may be a perfect fit for you. This is often the case when considering domain-specific data, like weather data or geospatial data.

Case Studies

Big Data Big Opportunity
Big Data = Massive Opportunity
Comscore is a trusted currency for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, covering a data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, over-the-top and theatrical viewership intelligence with advanced audience insights.
Live | Ex
Scaling A Platform That Gets Better With Age
Liv-ex disrupted the fine wine trading market, introducing new standards of efficiency and transparency to revolutionize the way bottles had been valued, bought, and sold for centuries. Liv-ex is the premier digital marketplace for buyers and sellers of fine wine, tracking prices and facilitating transactions.

Meet the Team

Director, Global Head of Data Science & Analytics
Naveen Kaushik

Naveen Kaushik leads 3Pillar’s Data Science & Analytics Practice. Over his career, he has built many innovative products across industries like education, retail, payments, weather, space & defense. He is a strong believer of the power of data & AI, and helps clients extract and utilize the value of their data. With a strong growth mindset, he is very passionate about creating high performing teams and cultivating future leaders.

Data Architect
Rodrigo Salas

Rodrigo Salas is a Data Architect in our Data Science & Analytics Practice with rich experience in data modeling, data warehousing, business intelligence and designing data solutions. He has extensive experience working in the E-commerce & Insurance industries. As a Data Architect, Rodrigo designs & develops data solutions by implementing analytic engines using Oozie, Spark SQL, Spark Mllib, Cassandra, Hadoop MR, and AWS Cloud services.

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