Harnessing Data To Fuel Business Insights

Natural Insight revolutionized their workforce management platform to help 85K+ hourly workers complete 500K+ tasks in 100K+ locations every month.

Natural Insight provides cloud-based workforce management software to merchandisers, product companies, event marketers, and retailers.


Natural Insight wanted a better way to analyze the data derived from hundreds of thousands of surveys submitted on their systems each month.

They needed to improve user engagement and give clients quick insights into all the data they were collecting.


3Pillar Global partnered with Natural Insight to upgrade their survey process for standardized data aggregation and generation.

Our team conducted 20+ user interviews and multiple rounds of prototyping and testing to develop an unexpected solution that changed the way data was organized and collected. Together, we launched a new survey template creation tool, question library, and data-rich dashboard.


The next-gen Natural Insight platform has been used to manage 35M+ assignments and collect almost 1B data insights from field workers.

The new platform has streamlined both ends of the process. Natural Insight can easily create surveys and collect and understand data, and their clients can easily create and consume reports on their data to optimize their processes.