Application Modernization

Make your technology solutions the true drivers of business value. Ensure legacy technologies aren’t holding you back from achieving sustainable growth.

Application Modernization

The Application Modernization Process

Are legacy applications preventing your company from keeping up with the rapid pace of change? Do technical issues or the inability to integrate new tools or technologies keep you from running your business effectively? If yes, this is a common issue for technical leaders, and it’s why Application Modernization is imperative for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our Application Modernization offers companies a proven approach to modernizing existing applications. It focuses on delivering business value at each step, from decomposing complex processes to automation to cloud migration and optimization.  

Modernize Your Applications

Why Opt for Application Modernization with 3Pillar?

Businesses today need technology solutions that enable agility, scalability, and efficiency. Legacy technologies and monolithic applications simply don’t give organizations the ability to move at the speed of modern-day business. Continuing to rely on aging technologies and infrastructure is a surefire way to fall behind the competition and lose market share. 

Application Modernization is a salve for companies whose technology is hampering their growth. It’s a vital tool in the toolbelt for companies looking to unlock revenue growth, increase application performance, enhance security, and lower maintenance costs.

We understand that entrusting an outside vendor with a business-critical initiative requires a considerable leap of faith and trust. The payoff of Application Modernization done correctly, however, is immense. Our teams know the Product Mindset, which teaches them to see the big-picture business context of product development and the vital role applications play in powering modern companies.

Case Studies

MLS Information Modernization
Information Services Application Modernization
The impact and benefits of the technology updates 3Pillar made were felt throughout the client's entire organization and core business, not just by the IT department or engineering.
Health Insurance Portal Modernization
Positively Impacting the Digital Experience for a Leading Healthcare Company’s Customers
3Pillar provided a healthcare company’s customers with an end-to-end online experience that makes the highly complex, regulated process of managing one’s own healthcare simple.

Meet the Team

Director, Global Head of User Experience
Michael Rabjohns

Michael Rabjohns is the Head of User Experience at 3Pillar Global and has over 20 years of experience in digital product design (UX and Product Management). He has worked for or with, Chrysler International, Ford, Calvin Klein, Trex, Forrester Research, Carfax, Euro RSCG, SapientNitro, and many others. He eagerly advocates for user research to deliver maximum user value and would be happy to chat with you about typography anytime.

Senior Director, Global Head of Solutions, Engineering & Architecture
Henry Martinez

Henry Martinez has a broad spectrum of experience in the application of Information Technology (IT) in areas including data science/analytics, consumer electronics, the utility industry, aerospace, and industrial automation. He has managed global, virtual R&D labs, launched high-technology start-ups, established domestic and international manufacturing operations, and negotiated and implemented technology alliances/transfers. Additionally, he is a member of the IEEE, has authored several technical publications, and holds two U.S. patents.

Senior Director, Global Head of Automation (QA & DevOps)
Chirag Chandani

Chirag Chandani boasts over two decades of experience in the IT industry and consultative services. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed work portfolios and teams in diverse sectors, including software and platforms in retail, transportation, travel, fashion, insurance, VOD, education, and banking. His expertise lies in conceptualizing, designing, developing, and implementing enterprise-wide business solutions that enhance the operational efficiency of organizations and project teams.

Senior Director, Global Head of Product Management
Lindsay Kloepping

As a seasoned product leader, self-proclaimed fixer and community builder, Lindsay Kloepping is dedicated to helping companies, teams, and individuals achieve their goals through strategic thinking, close collaboration, and accountability. With over 20 years of experience in product management and development, she has built and led cross-functional teams empowered to build products that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

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