Digital Product & Platform Offerings

Different solutions are needed at different times for digital products based on where they are in the product lifecycle. Our Digital Product & Platform offerings are crafted to alleviate common pain points companies face as they navigate finding product-market fit, scaling the growth curve, and reaching product maturity. No matter where in the product lifecycle you find your product, we have tried and true offerings that are tailored to meet you where you are and improve your competitive edge.

Product Lifecycle diagram

Product Validation

A Product Validation (PV) offering is the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing. PV provides rapid insights into the way users think about your product concept, helps you refine new product ideas and sharpens existing ones. Any company that goes through a PV can expect to hone in on product-market fit, quickly determine which features need to be prioritized, and significantly bolster the business case to secure additional funding.

UX Assessment

Our comprehensive UX Assessment offering is a high-touch, intensive engagement that occurs in 3 phases. In Phase I, we analyze the current state by performing a comprehensive review of your product’s UX. In Phase II, we distill the possibilities by sifting through findings and identifying the highest-value opportunities for improving business results. In Phase III, we recommend clear, actionable next steps based on globally recognized UX patterns and frameworks.

Design System

Our Design System offering enhances your digital competitiveness by improving development quality and speed at the same time across all of your digital assets. Design systems bring clarity and consistency to the look, feel, and function of your entire suite of digital products, both now and in the future. A design system enables companies to increase productivity by ensuring that design and development are working in lockstep. It also eliminates waste by creating reusable components that cut out time-consuming early-stage design work. Among the many benefits of a design system are increased speed, throughput, quality, innovation, and collaboration.

Product Development Maturity Assessment

3Pillar’s Product Development Maturity Assessment (PDMA) offering gives product leaders a comprehensive view into how well their teams are faring across a broad range of product development activities. The PDMA measures the sophistication of more than 100 product development processes leveraging our proprietary Product Development Health Index™. It’s designed to help executives and product teams maximize the efficiency, discipline, and return on investment from your product development process holistically.

MVP Development

MVP Development helps you maximize the likelihood that your product will achieve the three critical aspects of commercial viability: product-market fit, return on investment, and technical feasibility without sacrificing sustainability, scalability or extensibility. The iterative development process utilizes rapid prototyping to ensure you’re building what your customers need and nothing they don’t.

Growth & Scale

Once you’ve fought your way to product-market fit, what then? Growth & Scale. The challenges of growing and scaling become more complex rapidly. Assuming your MVP has you on a strong trajectory, it’s critical during this phase that organizations retain existing users and customers, generate new demand from the same segment while breaking into new segments, and scale and mature infrastructure to handle increased load and automation to manage rising technical complexity. Making informed tradeoff decisions is paramount to keeping that line moving up and to the right.

Application Modernization

Our Application Modernization offering ensures that your technology solutions are enablers of business value, not inhibitors to it. Your company can’t afford to let legacy technology stand in the way of continued growth. Application Modernization allows you to update and improve your existing applications without going through the timely, costly, and often frustrating process of replacing applications completely. Our proven approach to modernizing existing applications, focused on delivering value early and often, considers three critical factors – decomposition, automation, and cloud migration and optimization – to ensure your organization’s technology helps drive revenue growth, performance, scalability, and more.