Product Validation

Leverage user insights to de-risk your product roadmap and make sure you’re building products that solve users’ real-world problems. Ensure you’re putting time, energy, and effort into products that yield results.

The Product Validation Process


How does your company decide which product ideas get to move forward? When you decide to pursue an idea, do you build confidence in the original hypothesis by testing and learning before going all-in? If you answered “I don’t know” or “No,” our Product Validation offering may well be for you. It is, simply put, the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing.

Our 6-week proven process is designed to help executives and product leaders generate meaningful learning in a short amount of time by following a validation cycle that runs 3 design sprints. This process ensures you’re building the right product before you pour valuable time, energy, and resources into it.

Validate Your Product Ideas

Product Validation Process

Why Opt for Product Validation with 3Pillar?

Product ideas come from all corners of an organization. So how do you prioritize those product ideas and decide which ones to act on? Our Product Validation offering is meant to help you get from concept to launch as quickly as possible, while sidestepping the countless unknowns and risks involved. It ensures you can increase investment alongside increasing confidence in the potential ROI of your product ideas.

Many organizations have found out the hard way that the riskiest way to develop products is to start building based on an initial idea and try to “figure it out” when the product is in-market. This carries significant brand risk and, more importantly, provides little to no opportunity for informed pivots if and when results disappoint. If you plow mindlessly ahead with an initial hypothesis without validating it, you may be missing out on substantial growth opportunities from adjacent ideas or opportunities.

Case Studies

Learning to Pivot When Your Assumptions Are Off Target
A leading provider of market research and advisory services came to 3Pillar Global looking for help with what they assumed would be a data visualization engagement for three of their core market research platforms. But what we uncovered was that there was much more to their users’ needs than met the eye.
Making Car Crash Reporting As Painless As Possible for Police
CARFAX and 3Pillar Global teamed up to envision and validate a new digital product for police to use in the immediate aftermath of car crashes.

Meet the Team

Director, Global Head of User Experience
Michael Rabjohns

Michael Rabjohns is the Head of User Experience at 3Pillar Global, and has over 20 years’ experience in digital product design (UX and Product Management). He has worked for or with, Chrysler International, Ford, Calvin Klein, Trex, Forrester Research, Carfax, Euro RSCG, SapientNitro, and many other firms. He is an eager advocate for user research for delivering maximum value to users, and would be happy to chat with you about typography anytime.

Principal User Experience Designer
Don Hiles

Don Hiles has been with 3Pillar Global since 2015, specializing in designing products based on challenging user research needs and aggressive timelines. He is a user experience architect with a strong background in end user communication and needs. He is also a frequent liaison between the design team and the development team, championing internal user needs of both. Don is a dedicated team leader and self motivator and is always tinkering with game design and creating new and innovative avenues of interaction for a global world.

User Experience Researcher
Juliana Avila

Juliana is a User Experience Researcher (UXR) with 3Pillar Global. She approaches every challenge with a systemic and human-centered lens, taking into account three fundamental elements: the user’s profile, the product or service, and the objectives behind their use. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods tailored to the specific goals of each study, Juliana excels in pinpointing critical insights within the research process and finding ways to translate user needs into an improved product experience.

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