Data & AI Offerings

Data & Artificial Intelligence are grabbing headlines like never before and are impacting businesses of all shapes and sizes in new ways. Because data is the bedrock on which all AI initiatives are built, gaining a deep understanding of how to collect, cleanse, protect, and gain insights from the never-ending influx of valuable data available to your organization has never been more important. Our Data & AI offerings are engineered to ensure your organization is ready to meet the moment by capitalizing on data to unlock the power of AI and drive insights.

Enterprise Generative AI

Generative AI’s moment is now. Are you ready to capitalize on this game-changing technology to improve customer experience and differentiate your business? Our Enterprise Generative AI offering is a proof-of-concept engagement that allows organizations to safely explore putting their proprietary data and knowledge to work by ingesting it in private large language models (LLMs) to uncover insights and value for both internal and external use cases.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering takes advantage of the rapidly evolving suite of cloud services and big data technologies to help organizations build a solid data foundation and establish a future-ready posture. Our Data Engineering offering provides end-to-end solutions for collecting, extracting, transforming, storing, and managing large volumes of data so that Business Intelligence (BI) or other visualization tools can use the data to generate insights, create machine learning (ML) models, and share data via APIs or as a Service.

Data Analytics & Insights

How can you get your data to tell a story that your whole team can not only understand but also know what actions to take next? Our Data Analytics & Insights offering helps organizations unlock the power of data to make informed decisions. We do so by constructing data modeling for reports, developing BI reports with relevant analysis, enhancing the scalability and performance of reporting tools and developing dashboards and reports to enable analysis.