Security Alert:
Recruiter Scams

Beware of Recruiter Scams on Third-Party Websites and Applications

3Pillar Global, Inc. (“3Pillar Global”) is deeply committed to attracting top talent to join our dynamic, industry-leading organization. Job seekers should know that the careers page of 3Pillar Global is the safest and most reliable method of applying for an open position with the company. However, job seekers that use the services of third-party recruiters, job posting aggregators or other intermediaries should be aware that 3Pillar Global has received one or more reports of scammers who impersonate 3Pillar Global recruiters on third-party websites and applications. They reportedly use this ploy as a means of gaining access to the personal information of job seekers.

Such impersonators are unaffiliated with 3Pillar Global and are not authorized agents or representatives of 3Pillar Global. The wrongdoers reportedly lure unsuspecting job seekers with fictitious information regarding purported employment opportunities with 3Pillar Global. They post this misinformation to third party employment websites or applications. Once the wrongdoer(s) establish contact with a job seeker, they may pose as a 3Pillar Global recruiter or other representative and convey various forms of misinformation, such as unauthorized job offers, position descriptions and other fictitious employment information. The wrongdoers may then request the job seeker to disclose his or her personal information, such as name, email address and social security number, which the scammers can then use to commit identity theft and other forms of fraud. The scammers may also request the job seeker to make bogus payments (e.g., application fees) in connection with employment services.

Job seekers should remain vigilant in combating the threats posed by recruiter scams. While it is difficult to eliminate these risks entirely, listed below are some basic precautionary measures that can be taken to reduce the risk:

  1. Validate the opportunity. Validating the legitimacy of a job opportunity is easy – just visit the careers page on 3Pillar Global’s official website, currently located at: 3Pillar Global owns and controls this website and updates job postings regularly. If an opportunity you’re considering is not listed on this site, then you should proceed with extra caution.
  2. Confirm any claimed affiliation with 3Pillar Global. If the individual identifying him/herself as a 3Pillar Global representative, you should confirm they are in fact employed by 3Pillar Global. Feel free to contact 3Pillar Global’s Head of Talent Acquisition for this purpose. You can also check the individual’s Linked-In profile to see if: (a) 3Pillar Global is listed as his or her employer; and (b) the hyperlink to 3Pillar Global’s website actually takes you to 3Pillar Global’s corporate site (located at While a scammer can easily fabricate this type of information online, they do not necessarily go to the trouble of doing so. Internal inconsistencies in the individual’s own information is a clear warning signal that something may be amiss.
  3. Check hyperlinks. It is best practice to confirm that any hyperlinks labeled with the 3Pillar Global brand actually link to 3Pillar Global’s website. This can be done by scrolling over the hyperlink, which will cause the actual URL to be displayed. If the URL does not include the domain, then this should raise a red flag and you should be suspicious of a potential scam. Similarly, emails that do not originate from an address should be viewed with skepticism. Know that scammers may use domains that are similar to (e.g., in order to trick job seekers into believing that they are authorized representatives of 3Pillar Global.
  4. Trust your gut. Last but not least, using your common sense and intuition to detect if something just doesn’t seem right can often be your best tool for spotting scams. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Are your communications with the purported recruiter consistent with what you’d expect in dealings with a professional organization?
    • Are there typographical or grammatical errors in communications?
    • Are you being asked to make a payment of any kind (3Pillar Global does not impose any fees or other expenses on job applicants)?
    • Do things seem to be progressing at an abnormally accelerated pace?

These are all red flags that should give you pause and cause you to apply heightened scrutiny.

Finally, 3Pillar has a strong interest in protecting the accuracy and integrity of its recruiting and other corporate resources online. Please report any suspicious communications you receive regarding employment opportunities with 3Pillar to our IT security group at