Revenue Diversification

The digital economy is opening up new revenue streams and business models across all industries. Whether it’s helping to uncover new opportunities to monetize and extract more value from your data, evolving your product to attract new customers, or developing completely new products, we assemble the teams you need to collaborate, ideate and execute with.

What we can do for you.

  • Data
    All your data has value. Our teams help you ideate, uncover and extract new value from your data, informing what products you should build to help you grow revenue, boost market share, and increase customer engagement.
  • Innovation
    It’s no longer enough to have a “good quality product”, you need to have the right product. Our Innovation Sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing.
  • Explore
    Explore helps you uncover new opportunities for your product and business, Explore is designed to reveal the most appropriate solution for the customer problem you're looking to solve.
  • Data Architecture
    To turn data into a source of revenue, organizations have to ensure that the optimal infrastructure is in place. We conceive and develop data architectures that realize your business goals, and build for future success.

Featured stories


CARFAX drives speed to market, applying digital products to empower pre-owned vehicle sales and help consumers purchase used cars and light trucks. CARFAX, the leading vehicle history report service in North America, has transformed from a fax-based information system to a digital-first organization.

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Natural Insights

Natural Insight revolutionized their workforce management platform to help 85K+ hourly workers complete 500K+ tasks in 100K+ locations every month. Natural Insight provides cloud-based workforce management software to merchandisers, product companies, event marketers, and retailers.

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Our Approach

Product Mindset
The Product Mindset guides our teams to understand your product’s business goals first. This gives them the context they need to build the products that will deliver the business value you seek. The three principles of the Product Mindset; Excel at Change, Solve for Need and Minimize Time to Value guide how we work.
High Performing Teams
High-performing team members embrace our client goals and needs as their own. They work from the same set of priorities, share leadership responsibilities, have clearly-defined roles and workflows, and hold each other accountable for achieving outstanding results.
Culture of Crafts
Our focus on empowering our people to master their crafts, allows them to bring their constantly improving skills to designing and engineering your product. We believe that our focus on mastery is central to why our teams consistently deliver valuable business outcomes for our clients.

Revenue Diversification Experts

Sr. Director, Data Science & Analytics
Henry Martinez
Henry leads 3Pillar Global’s Advanced Analytics and Data Science team. Henry’s broad and deep experience includes start-up organizations to established domestic and international manufacturing operations. He’s also negotiated and implemented technology alliances/transfers. Before joining 3Pillar Global, Henry held a variety of senior engineering and data-centric roles, for Northrup, Leviton, and Vision Solutions, among others. Additionally, he is a member of the IEEE, has authored several technical publications and holds two U.S. Patents.

Senior Architect
Rodrigo Salas
Rodrigo has over five years of experience in data architecture, data modeling, data warehouse, and business intelligence. He has extensive experience developing data solutions across organizations including e-commerce and insurance. He’s architected, designed, developed and deployed big data solutions using Hadoop MR, Oozie, Spark SQL, Spark Mlib and Cassandra. He has extensive business analysis and process analysis skills, and is highly talented at interviewing end-users, gathering and refining requirements, and developing and defining business rules.

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