3Pillar Global helps healthcare organizations achieve their mission of delivering innovation and services faster and more efficiently to enhance patient value and improve outcomes. We deliver cutting-edge technology tailored to improve access to and quality of patient care.

Digital Solutions for Healthcare

Elevating Healthcare Solutions

3Pillar helps our 30+ healthcare clients manage through industry transformation, as they plan for and optimize digital healthcare solutions. Leveraging our deep industry and technical expertise, we partner with payers, providers, point-players, value-based care entities, MSPs, MCOs, and more to solve their toughest challenges with scalable solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of innovation. Our services and experience extend across the entire healthcare lifecycle of digital transformation and product development and all points in-between.

Innovation In Revenue Cycle + Claims Management

Submitting and paying claims is the financial underpinning of the U.S. healthcare system and shapes every other aspect of the industry.

3Pillar helps healthcare organizations optimize their RCM and claims operations to decrease manual work, improve claims accuracy, and leverage RCM and claims data to create better patient, clinician, and customer experiences.

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The Revenue Cycle Playbook: 7 Opportunities to Modernize the Healthcare Payment Ecosystem

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Areas Of Expertise

Interoperability & seamless connections

Build a robust, scalable data and integration infrastructure leveraging modern process improvement solutions (RPA, ML, AI) and robust approaches to management of industry recognized data protocol

Custom patient-centric solutions

Deploy personalized digital solutions that guide patients and members through their health journey

Secure and accessible omnichannel patient experiences

Unify patient information and streamline access to deliver a seamless cross-channel experience

Patient insights powered by Generative AI

Harness the potential of advanced language models to identify opportunities for improving patient care and adding business value

Infrastructure modernization for healthcare technology

Discover a tailored path forward to meet your business goals and overcome system limitations

Quality control & innovation

Clean and optimize EMR and EHR data for improved patient and business outcomes

Actionable patient data and resources

Unlock the power of your data with advanced analytics and visualization tools, gaining valuable and actionable insights that propel your business forward

Compliant and automated drug supply chain solutions

Meet and exceed healthcare industry data standards

Industry Experience

Developing a business rules engine to improve in-home health care offerings and accelerate throughput of eligibility approvals and insurance claims

3Pillar demonstrated and implemented technology to provide both a superior customer experience while also driving real business results.

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3Pillar Positively Impacted the Digital Experience for Millions of a Leading Healthcare Company’s Customers

3Pillar provided a healthcare company’s customers with an end-to-end online experience that makes the highly complex, regulated process of managing one’s own healthcare simple.

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3Pillar Leads Lab Tech Company to Benefits of Automation and Digital Solutions

We collaborated with the company to build an end-to-end clinical workflow management platform exposed to external users for products and offerings and internal users for operational automation and excellence.

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3Pillar Unlocks the Interoperability Equation With Population Health Solution

A leading healthcare provider sought to provide a new standard of value-based care as part of a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services program for population health. We helped them improve interoperability with an advanced end-to-end platform that included a data exchange hub and master data management solution.

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Data Analytics & Insights

Unleash your data’s potential

With this solution, we work with business and clinical leaders to identify the key insights that organizations need to drive their business forward and better outcomes for their members, patients, and partners.

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Data Engineering

Comprehensive data solutions

We handle the entire healthcare data lifecycle, from collection and transformation to storage and management. We then leverage the data to power BI tools, fuel machine learning models, and enable seamless data sharing via APIs or as a Service.

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Product Validation

Determining product viability

The difficulty of launching a new product in healthcare is that there are often multiple customers (payer, provider, and patient). Product validation serves to ensure that your new products are worthy of a “go” decision.

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MVP Development

Optimize product success

Our MVP approach focuses on market fit, ROI, and technical feasibility while maintaining sustainability and scalability. We leverage cross-functional, high-performing teams to conduct rapid experimentation cycles to ensure product success.

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Application Modernization

Fuel business value

Avoid the constraints of legacy systems and drive continuous growth through application modernization. Our proven approach emphasizes early and consistent value delivery, considering decomposition, automation, and cloud migration without disrupting care delivery and mission critical processes.

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Enterprise Generative AI

Unlock unlimited insights

This offering is a proof of concept engagement that unlocks the value of your proprietary data by applying it in secure models to identify high-value opportunities to improve care delivery, patient outcomes, and organizational priorities.

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Our Thoughts

Certifications and Standards


Industry Leader, Healthcare Portfolio
Steve Rowe
Steve is the Industry Leader for the Healthcare Portfolio at 3Pillar Global. He brings 15 years of experience launching new healthcare products with health systems, payers, distributors, retailers and pharmaceuticals. He intimately understands the business of healthcare. At 3Pillar he partners with clients to identify the product and technical work that will deliver the strongest value.
SVP, Client Services Healthcare Practice
Quincy Strong
Quincy is responsible for the success of our Healthcare industry clients. She brings over 20 years of digital health and product development experience to the table from start-ups to the nation's largest payers. Quincy is passionate about leveraging technology across and around our healthcare ecosystem to reduce friction and to drive efficiency, transparency, quality, intelligent solutions and ultimately to improve patient outcomes.
Senior Client Partner, Healthcare Practice
Carl Rudow
As Healthcare Practice Leader, Carl works directly with healthcare organizations to create meaningful impact for their patients, members, and employees. He has a wide range of expertise in delivering innovative products and services across the healthcare sector. With over 15 years of experience, he has a proven track record in product management, strategic planning, and digital transformation.
Senior Director, Enterprise Product Development
Niraj Dave
Niraj is a Healthcare IT executive with over a decade of leadership and implementation experience across the healthcare vertical including patient, provider, and payer systems. In-depth knowledge and expertise in Revenue Cycle Management (Provider authorization portal and Claims Adjudication Management), Population Health Management, CMS Quality and Compliance Reporting, Analytics, Health IoT, HIE integration, and Interoperability.
Field CTO
Scott Young
Scott applies his broad technical and industry experience to 3Pillar’s healthcare portfolio, bringing insights to our clients on the effective use of technology to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems. He leads our engagements through the early stages of problem discovery and solution design. He brings a focus on efficiency and value required to control costs that enables solutions that are both technically innovate and financially achievable.