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Derek Tiffany is a Technical Manager at 3Pillar Global. He holds technical responsibility for the implementation and delivery of software development projects using a variety of technologies and frameworks, including blockchain, .NET Core, and Java/J2EE. In addition to implementation, Derek also assists 3Pillar clients in validating and defining their new product strategies taking advantage of emerging technologies. This currently includes cryptocurrency and Serverless applications in production. In the past it also involved developing some of the first applications for Windows Phone. Derek has spent over 20 years as a developer in the Washington, DC area at both professional services and product companies.

5 Keys to Maintaining Team Review-ocity and Avoiding Review-itis

Peer code reviews are well recognized for their benefits. Among them include: Agile Development Best Practice Time Saver Oh My Gosh, Thank You For Not Letting THAT On Prod Many highly functional teams incorporate code reviews into their standard processes, and developers tend to expect them more often than not when working together. But sometimes… Read more »

Are You Doing Stuff or Creating Value?

You can put a bunch of stickies on the wall, create tons of JIRA tickets, and commit lots of code, but are you creating value? Is the work your product development team has done helping solve a problem for your customers or helping to acquire new customers for your business? Product leaders often come to… Read more »

The Net-Net on .NET: The Tools They Are a Changin’

Last year saw a rapid set of releases from Microsoft, starting with new versions of their development tools and frameworks including .NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 5.0, and Visual Studio 2012 mid-year. As an aside, you’d think the marketing folks would figure out a way to synchronize versioning numbers, but perhaps these niceties… Read more »