Common App onTrack App in Time Article on Money-Saving Apps

Common App onTrack, a free mobile app with over 4500 daily users, has been recognized as one of 36 apps that can save you money in a recent article on The app, which 3Pillar Global helped design and develop, was listed alongside other well-known applications including Mint, Zillow, and Amazon.

The Common Application has over 700 member colleges and universities, each with its own set of application requirements. Common App onTrack, the mobile companion to a student’s Common Application account, allows students to explore the requirements of each college, organize the list of colleges and universities to which they would like to apply, and manage letters of recommendation.

The app includes features such as college submission status view, reminders, and push notifications that help students organize their outstanding tasks and remember upcoming deadlines 24/7.

The full copy of the write-up on Common App onTrack reads as follows:

“High school seniors may apply to many of their picks online via the Common App, accepted by 700 colleges. The website’s companion app is a handy organizational tool, and it allows teens to access much of their application information from their smartphones. You can search colleges’ writing prompts, keep track of deadlines and the status of your applications, connect with teachers who are writing your recommendation letters, and set up reminders for your personal to-do list.”

You can read the complete article on, and you can learn more about The Common Application on their website. You can also download Common App onTrack app for iOS on iTunes or for Android on the Google Play store.

This post was written in conjunction with The Common Application. You can read the post on their website here.

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