November 8, 2012

3Pillar Romania Hosting “Scale Up! Web Done Right” Event This Weekend

The 3Pillar office in Timisoara is hosting a series of talks on web app development called “Scale Up! Web Done Right” this coming Saturday, November 10th. The event will feature presentations on the latest strategies in the world of web app development from several of 3Pillar’s top developers and QA testers in Romania.

Here’s a quick rundown of who will be speaking during the event and the topic of their talks:

  • Sabin Pilipautanu, Director of Engineering, will be giving a presentation titled “QA Strategies in API Driven Architectures.” Here’s the description from Sabin: “In the golden age of APIs, when more and more APIs are open to the public to be used, the testing of this kind of architecture becomes a challenge. This is different from other testing types, as GUI is rarely involved and you need to make functional, performance and security assessments and testing.”
  • Mazilu Marius, Java Development Lead, and Ciprian Mester, Java Tech Lead, will give a talk called “Designing Low Latency Applications Using Web Sockets. If that’s Greek to you, here’s a fuller description: “In this presentation we intend to present HTML5 WebSockets API: describe the current HTTP limitations that created the need for this technology, the current implementation status in terms of web browsers, servers and supporting frameworks and expected benefits including scalability assessments. We will end our tour with two real examples which we hope will trigger a big interest for this API: a dashboard updated real time with various pieces of information and a real-time multi-user sketch-pad supporting multiple drawable items.
  • Bogdan Hodorog, Technical Team Lead, will cover his personal experience building web-based applications in “Scaling Web Apps”
  • Last but not least, Lucian Craciun will cover “Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services.” That description? Pretty simple: The Cloud is the new black. So, what is ‘The Cloud,’ and is it right for my company and my applications.

The Scale Up! event will take place in conjunction with the launch of the 6th edition of Today Software Magazine, a magazine in Romania devoted to sharing knowledge about software development best practices. Today has featured work by several 3Pillar developers and quality assurance testers, most recently Rareș Irimieș article on mobile testing called “Agile & Testing & Mobile: Three Converging Concepts.”

If you’re reading this from Timisoara and would like to attend, please email to RSVP.