March 27, 2017

Visualizing Your Business with Bisualizer, with Mark Rubin

On this episode of The Innovation Engine, we talk with the entrepreneur behind a newly released tool called Bisualizer. Bisualizer was created to help small business owners and entrepreneurs visualize the gears and levers that drive any business forward.

We discuss how energy, information, and rules are the 3 constants that move any business forward; the three other constants that they are more commonly known as; and the benefits any corporate leaders stand to gain from modeling the operations of their business.

Mark Rubin, the founder of Bisualizer and a serial entrepreneur who was born with an uncanny talent for visual thinking, joins us to talk about those topics and more. Mark has owned and grown several successful national franchises and credits his achievements to his innovative method of business visualization. He has worked directly with business coaches and consultants to develop their own Bisualizer diagrams, and as you will hear on this episode he has spent a number of years working on the software-powered version that he just launched to the public.

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