May 23, 2023

Building a Culture of Agile Thinking

Episode 199 of The Innovation Engine podcast.

On this episode of The Innovation Engine, we dive into the world of Agile Thinking with Kevin Philpott, Director of Product Design at Pie Insurance.

Kevin shares his insights on why building a culture of Agile Thinking is a must for any company looking to innovate on the status quo or reinvent the status quo. He emphasizes the “think big, start small, learn fast” mentality and the importance of focusing on outcomes over outputs in the development process. And he stresses that the role UX can play in developing an Agile Thinking culture extends far beyond wireframes and pixels. UX should also contribute heavily in areas like user research and getting to intimately know and experiment with influencing quantitative metrics, especially when you’re building a product from Zero to One.

Kevin and host Scott Varho also discuss why failure is only valuable if you learn something from it, the power of trust and ownership for product development teams, and more. Whether you’re a product leader looking to shift your team’s focus towards Agile Thinking or a UX designer eager to build more impactful products, this episode is packed with practical insights and actionable advice.

Listen to the Episode

You can tune in to the full episode below. 

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of outcomes over outputs in Agile Thinking
  • The role of UX in Agile Thinking and product development
  • The value of learning from testing and documenting previous test results for posterity in an Agile environment
  • The need for a user-centric approach in product design
  • The challenges and opportunities for innovation in small and large companies
  • The most critical aspects of measuring outcomes
  • The role of qualitative research and journey mapping in UX
  • Techniques to foster innovation in large organizations
  • The impact of Agile Thinking on the insurance industry


About Kevin Philpott and Pie Insurance

Pie Insurance is a venture-backed insurtech startup, having raised over $600 million in funding since its inception in 2017. Kevin, who has been with Pie Insurance from the very start, is now responsible for all B2B, B2C, and enterprise digital interfaces. Prior to Pie, Kevin held senior product design roles at companies such as RapidFinance, part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies, and GEICO. His experience across small, medium, and enterprise-sized companies gives him a unique perspective on the Agile Thinking challenges that occur in different business environments.

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