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Technical Lead

Girish Kumar is a Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global and the head of our Java Competency Center in India. He has been working in the Java domain for over 8 years and has gained rich expertise in a wide array of Java technologies including Spring, Hibernate and Web Services. In addition, he has good exposure in implementation of complete SDLC using Agile and TDD methodology. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, Girish was working with Cognizant Technology Solutions for more than 5 years. Over there he has worked for some of the biggest names in the Banking and Finance verticals in U.S. & U.K.

Girish’s current challenges at 3Pillar include getting the best out of Apache Hadoop, NoSQL and distributed systems. He provides day-to-day leadership to the members of the Java Competency Center in India by enforcing best practices and providing technical guidance in key projects.

How to Configure Apache Hadoop in Pseudo Distributed Mode

My first tutorial briefly introduced Apache Hadoop, talked about the different types of modes in which you can execute Hadoop, outlined the prerequisites of setting up Hadoop correctly and explained in detail how to setup Apache Hadoop in Standalone Mode. In this second tutorial I will illustrate the steps required to setup Apache Hadoop in… Read more »

How to Configure Apache Hadoop in Standalone Mode

Apache Hadoop is an open source framework for storing and distributed batch processing of huge datasets on clusters of commodity hardware. Hadoop can be used on a single machine (Standalone Mode) as well as on a cluster of machines (Distributed Mode – Pseudo & Fully). One of the striking features of Hadoop is that it… Read more »

Selection Criteria for NoSQL Database part iii

In the first part of this blog series we discussed about the reasons in support of NoSQL databases vis-à-vis relational databases. The second part  grappled with the various types of NoSQL databases. Here we are back again, with the third and concluding part that will delve deep into the ‘Selection Criteria for NoSQL Database.’  

Exploring the Different Types of NoSQL Databases Part ii

In our previous post titled ‘Just Say Yes to NoSQL’, we cited the CAP theorem, did a point-by-point comparison between RDBMS and NoSQL and explored in-depth, the various characteristics of NoSQL which make it the most reliable database solution available today. In this second part of the 3-part series we will focus exclusively on the… Read more »

Just Say Yes to NoSQL Part i

As the popularity of data virtualization continues to rise, companies are increasingly relying on data storage and retrieval mechanisms like NoSQL to extract tangible value out of the voluminous amounts of data available today. This first blog in a 3-part series will explain why we believe NoSQL is among the best database technologies for sorting… Read more »