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Eddie Ishaq

Senior Software Engineer & iOS Competency Center Lead

Edward “Eddie” Ishaq is a Senior Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global and the head of our iOS Competency Center. Eddie has a passion for designing and developing custom apps from the ground up. At 3Pillar, he was worked primarily on a custom iPad app that 3Pillar created for a defense contractor as a proof-of-concept fleet maintenance tool. He has spent more than 10 years working in the software industry, and his specialties in addition to developing iPad apps include working with continuous integration, designing projects, optimizing web servers, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, and CSS.

Blocks & iOS: Introduction to Grand Central Dispatch

Grand Central Dispatch, or GCD, is an extremely important feature introduced in iOS 4.0, OS X 10.6 and later versions. It’s used to distribute the computation across multiple cores dispatching any number of threads needed and  it is optimized to work with devices with multi-core processors. When using GCD, you don’t need to handle any… Read more »

Working with NSOperations in iOS

Overview In every software development cycle you will encounter the optimization phase, where your app is now doing what it should be doing but the UI is clunky or freezes at some points while the app is doing some heavy lifting work like parsing data, working on database, manipulating images or files etc. These heavy… Read more »

3Pillar Competency Centers: Developing a Uniform Engineering Approach

As a software product development partner that works with clients to rapidly design, develop, and iterate custom software products, 3Pillar’s development teams have the good fortune to work on a diverse portfolio of client engagements. We’re currently performing work for roughly 70 clients, and we are deploying products that utilize a wide variety of technologies,… Read more »