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Adi Chikara is a Client Partner for Media & Entertainment industry at 3Pillar Global, helping companies compete in the digital economy. He works with 3Pillar team members throughout the world to build revenue-impacting digital products.

Prior to joining 3Pillar, Adi held key research and consulting roles in European Union-funded researches. In the private sector, Adi has served in various product & technical roles at Reuters and multiple Startups. When he is free from creating world-changing products you can find him at the local motor race tracks breaking lap records.

The Future of Digital Payments

Currency exchange has seen incremental innovations in the digital sector, but with contactless digital payment mediums we have the potential to create something revolutionary. Major financial institutions have been issuing Near Field Communication Cards (NFC cards) for contactless payments worldwide, mostly in Europe, the US, Australia, and Canada. Most smartphone companies, with Apple Pay, Android… Read more »

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

The introduction of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, has brought the concept of blockchain technology into the mainstream. A blockchain is a continuously growing distributed database that protects against tampering and revision of data. The industry has already seen the power of a distributed system with Git Version control; blockchain builds on the same Merkle tree approach,… Read more »

Editor’s Compass – Find the News First

Are you a publisher who is interested in making relevant news available to a localized audience? How often do you find yourself using Twitter for news rather than trusted sources? With the majority of news consumption turning toward digital media, the amount of information available is exponentially increasing. Editors with limited manpower must pick the… Read more »

WebAssembly: Running Byte Code in the Browser

Currently, all of the major browser vendors are collaborating together on a new standard called WebAssembly, which is a compilation model for the web using compressed binary AST encoding. This will allow engineers to run code written in different languages directly in the browser. One immediate effect of WebAssembly is that it should bring about a… Read more »

Universal Design for the Web

The following excerpt from the website of The Center for Universal Design at NC State University helps us in tracing the origins of what we now know as inclusive or universal design: “Design Pioneer and Visionary of Universal Design Ron Mace was a nationally and internationally recognized architect, product designer and educator whose design philosophy… Read more »

Node-webkit & Developing HTML5 Desktop Apps

Using markup & stylesheets is important in any application development. For example, KDE uses KHTML for its markup, a fork of webkit. Most interface libraries are written in C/C++ and expose an API so that every developer who chooses to use it doesn’t go about re-inventing the wheel, like GTK. Most operating systems have their… Read more »