May 11, 2016

Jessica Hall Quoted in Forrester Report on Modern Software Requirements Management Tools

On April 20, 2016, Forrester Research, Inc. released a TechRadar report on choosing the best tool for managing modern software requirements from a 10 category analysis. Jessica Hall, 3Pillar Global’s Director of Product Consulting, was quoted within the report.

The report, titled “TechRadar: Modern Software Requirements Management Tools, Q2 2016,” details the research around the transitional process of defining what applications need to do for organizations. The collected data is used to assess four factors:

  • The current state of the technology
  • The technology’s potential impact on customers’ businesses
  • The time experts think the technology will need to reach the next stage of maturity
  • The technology’s overall trajectory – from minimal success to significant success

This assessment led to a complete list of 10 different categories of tools that can help application developers define what they need to build. The tools were chosen because they both express application requirements in a traditional or nontraditional way and provide feedback on whether the goals behind the requirement were met. The 10 categories are:

  • Agile requirements management tools
  • Application analytics tools
  • Application life-cycle management tools
  • Behavior-driven development tools
  • Business process modeling tools
  • Business rules management tools
  • Product life-cycle management tools
  • Prototyping/wireframing tools
  • Traditional requirements definition tools
  • Visual modeling tools

The report was written by Amanda LeClair and Kurt Bittner. Christopher Mines and Taylor Turrisi also contributed.

Forrester’s description of the report reads as follows:

AD&D leaders have learned that the transition to Agile is an evolution, not a revolution. Agile’s allure led many firms to abandon formal requirements in favor of user stories and conversations. In the shift, requirements often disappeared. Neither extreme works; dev teams must blend various practices to capture requirements, matching approach to problem. This TechRadar analyzes 10 categories of tools for managing modern software requirements and helps organizations choose the tools that are “just right” to improve software delivery speed.

Forrester clients can download the full report for free on the Forrester website. For non-Forrester clients, the report is available for purchase.