May 1, 2015

3Pillar CEO David DeWolf in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article from 3Pillar CEO David DeWolf. The article, “Culture Eats Technology for Lunch,” discusses what can truly make an entrepreneur innovative, and it’s not always by being the first to jump on a new piece of technology.

Entrepreneur Magazine Screenshot

In the article, DeWolf identifies and explains the most important characteristic of successful companies: culture. “If culture eats strategy for breakfast, as the great Peter Drucker once said, it apparently eats technology for lunch,” he writes. While it can be tempting for entrepreneurs to think of innovation as primarily being the frontrunner in applying new technology, this article asserts that culture trumps all.

DeWolf outlines six different aspects that can impact an organization’s product development process. These characteristics have been defined by the research-fueled Product Development Success Index, a useful tool in helping organizations self-examine their processes and see where they are lacking. The article defines culture as “an organization’s focus on allowing people the flexibility to take risks, be creative, challenge the status quo and be innovative.”

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If you’re interested in reading more from 3Pillar CEO David DeWolf, he blogs regularly at and tweets from @DDeWolf.