Matt Brandon
Industry Leader, Technology Portfolio

About Matt Brandon

Matt Brandon is the Industry Leader for the Technology Portfolio at 3Pillar Global. He is responsible for driving revenue growth, reducing risk, and ensuring strategic digital innovation for 3Pillar Global’s technology clients. Matt’s decade of partnering with technology companies allows his team to drive true business outcomes in a highly competitive and quickly changing ecosystem. His goal is to build robust teams of skilled engineers, architects, and software developers to drive unique and effective digital products for forward thinking technology firms.

Prior to 3Pillar Global, Matt led the North American growth engine for Calligo, a data and analytics company, and managed a team at Gartner within the marketing, communications, and customer experience practice. He supported Gartner’s acquisition of CEB and partnered to drive change management and business continuity strategies. He has a background in go-to-market strategy development spanning industry and vertical within numerous F500 companies.

Matt received his MBA from St. Louis University, specializing in business management and leadership. He also holds a MEd from Boston College and a BA from Wake Forest University. Each of these educational opportunities has forged his passion for lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Originally from Virginia, Matt currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, four children, and dog, Addie. He loves professional and collegiate sports, but spends most of his free time driving and watching his own children to their athletic endeavors.

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