The Revenue Cycle Playbook: 7 Opportunities to Modernize the Healthcare Payment Ecosystem

Revenue Cycle PlaybookSubmitting and paying claims is the financial underpinning of the U.S. healthcare system and shapes every other aspect of the industry. But tremendous challenges and inefficiencies, compounded by the lack of standardization and legacy IT architectures, are creating highly nuanced “breakpoints” between health plans and providers.

The need to fix those breakpoints is urgent: revenue cycles and claims systems are clogged, the patient and member experience is broken, care quality suffers, and innovations in care delivery are inhibited.

This playbook identifies the 7 key opportunities to modernize Revenue Cycle and Claims Management processes in healthcare. Discover how embracing innovative technology can reduce administrative costs, foster competitiveness, and elevate strategic priorities. By reading, you’ll uncover:

  • The critical revenue cycle and claims hurdles confronting providers, health plans, and health IT vendors.
  • The transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies in modernizing RCM and claims platforms.
  • Actionable insights to overcome challenges and enable innovation in the healthcare payment ecosystem.