Cyber Defensive Strategy in Today’s Modern Warfare

Pandemic-related disruption and the surge in remote work have led to an alarming increase in cyberattacks. As organizations face an unprecedented volume and scale of threats, cybersecurity is no longer just a tool that runs in the background—it’s become a critical component of everything we do in our personal lives and in our business.

In this environment of heightened threat, how can you create cybersecurity solutions that are predictive, dynamic and responsive to users’ changing needs and patterns? Join this webinar for a dynamic discussion about the new way of thinking that’s necessary to create solutions that diminish risk, provide an easy-to-use solution, and constantly stay ahead of the curve, including:

  • Monitoring and mitigating risk based on prioritization
  • Earning the confidence of users
  • Establishing a zero-trust mindset
  • Building products from the ground-up by embracing AI and data science


Kim Mirazimi
Vice President, Technology
3Pillar Global

Tom Kellerman
Head of Cybersecurity Strategy

Matthew Paris
Vice President, Data Science
Blue Orange Digital

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