Helping the largest banking network in the US create seamless customer experiences

Our client, a large banking network, provides solutions that deliver the flexibility that financial institutions, their customers, and their communities need to thrive in today’s market. They are the leading provider of overnight and term funding options. The network they provide serves nearly 3,000 banks in the US, other financial institutions and most minority depository institutions.

The solutions our client offers help network participants build stronger customer relationships, fund more loans, seamlessly manage liquidity needs, and earn fee income.

They initially approached 3Pillar after recognizing that their banking partners were demanding important updates to the white-label portals the network offered to their clients. Additionally, they were looking for new ways to automate the exchange of data with their banking partners’ clients, and after a failed attempt with a staffing company, decided to look to a more strategic partner focused on ensuring that business outcomes were at the center of the solution.

The network had also identified that their own technical organization was specialized in ensuring backend stability and security and was less well equipped to deliver on front-end design and development.

Immediately, 3Pillar sought to understand why these new portals were so important to their banking partners’ and their business. They then looked to a number of banking clients to understand their needs and most importantly, their unmet needs.

With the insights gathered from this deep dive, 3Pillar teams collaborated with the client on design of the new portals, introducing new features that eliminated the need for manual workarounds.

A separate portfolio of teams was deployed to develop the APIs that would automate data flows between the network’s banking partners and their clients. This dramatically improved their client experience by eliminating the need to input data manually, reducing errors and providing all stakeholders with real time information.

Throughout this relationship, our client has found underlying benefits in its relationship with 3Pillar. Specifically 3Pillar’s team of Product Managers, Designers and Analysts are helping their teams better understand and define the vision for their user experience. This has dramatically increased velocity as the design systems and frameworks developed by 3Pillar have simplified decision making.

Overall, 3Pillar has modernized 60% of legacy code within the white label portals. 3Pillar also continues to maintain and enhance features across many of the products offered.

Most importantly though, 3Pillar has helped to foster a culture of innovation focused not only on the technology that drives their network, but also in how they are able to respond at speed to the evolving needs of their banking partners, and their clients’ needs.