3Pillar CEO David DeWolf Quoted in Enterprise Mobility Exchange Report on Commercializing Data

David DeWolf, Founder and CEO of 3Pillar Global, was recently quoted in a report by Enterprise Mobility Exchange on the necessity of understanding and utilizing enterprise data across all industries. The report, titled “Data Dump: How To Analyze, Monetize All That Information,” focuses on three key learnings around data collection and digestion:

  • How to leverage data for customer targeting
  • The success rate for companies that commercialize their data
  • Where the opportunities are with big data collection.

David emphasizes the point that businesses need to move beyond just simply collecting data; instead, businesses need to figure out how to make use of the stores of data they already have before they reach “a kind of paralysis that prevents people from doing anything with their data,” as he says in the report. To take advantage of the information in their data, David offers a three step path:

  1. Make your data accessible to your customers
  2. Make your data approachable, not complex
  3. Make your data autonomous to better get it to your consumers

These steps will allow businesses not only to manage the vast stores of data they already have, but give companies the opportunity to begin commercializing this information and turn it into business results.

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