Take 3, Scene 25: Continuous Improvement

Adi Chikara and Paul Doman join us on this episode of Take 3 to dive into the concept of Continuous Improvement. They talk about how this modern business practice relates to building software products, and the benefits it can bring to your company.

Continuous improvement is the idea of using the tools at your disposal – processes, models, technologies, networks, industry knowledge, and more – to continuously learn and continuously improve your products and business practices.

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Three Key Takeaways

Paul and Adi cover the three key takeaways of continuous improvement, which provide the structure for implementing this practice:

  1. Spend the majority of your effort on what is most important to your business and nothing else.
  2. Create a culture of learning.
  3. Leverage true partnerships to scale.

About the Guests

Adi Chikara is a Client Partner in the Media & Entertainment and Information Services industries at 3Pillar Global. He is responsible for the health and growth of strategic 3Pillar client relationships, and helps companies derive value out of new or existing revenue-impacting digital products.

Paul Doman leads the Media and Information Services industry teams at 3Pillar Global. His clients partner with 3Pillar to build impactful software that distributes digital content to consumers, such as PBS and the Daily Telegraph. He also works with data companies who are aggregating, analyzing, and monetizing data, such as Carfax.


Julia Slattery

Julia Slattery

Marketing Content Specialist

Julia Slattery is a Marketing Content Specialist for 3Pillar Global in our Fairfax office. She manages content for 3Pillar’s web properties, hosts 3Pillar’s ‘Take 3’ podcast, and assists with the production and editing of a wide variety of audio, video, and written content. She holds a BA in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication from James Madison University.

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