Inside the DL Labs, with Oana Stinga and Daniel Markovits

On this episode of The Innovation Engine, we’re passing the microphone to Julia Slattery of our sister podcast, Take 3. This week was a milestone week for Take 3, as we published the 17 existing episodes of the podcast on iTunes for the very first time.

In the latest episode of Take 3, Julia and her guests Oana Stinga and Daniel Markovitz take listeners inside the DL Labs initiative at Decision Lens. Among the topics they discuss are how the implementation of DL Labs mirrors the idea of the 80/20 rule employed by tech giants like Google, how this free development time has improved the overall Decision Lens project itself, and why this can be a viable method for surfacing innovative ideas at other organizations.

About the Guests

Oana Stinga is an Engineering Manager in 3Pillar Global’s Timisoara office. She coordinates the Decision Lens project from the customer relationship, process, and delivery standpoint while managing, mentoring, and motivating her team of strong developers, testers, and a business analyst.

Daniel Markovits is a Senior Business Software Analyst in 3Pillar Global’s Timisoara office with a background in software development. During his transition to the area of business analyst and development, he developed a strong affinity for agile methodologies and a passion for innovative approaches to product development.

Listen to the Episode

Interested in hearing more? Tune in to the full episode of The Innovation Engine via the SoundCloud embed below.

Show Notes

About Take 3

Take 3 features quick takes on the trends, technologies, and tools that are changing the way business gets done and software products are conceived, designed, developed, and launched. You can visit Take 3’s home on SoundCloud at and you can subscribe to it via the podcast’s new home on iTunes.

About The Innovation Engine

Since 2014, 3Pillar has published The Innovation Engine, a podcast that sees a wide range of innovation experts come on to discuss topics that include technology, leadership, and company culture. You can download and subscribe to The Innovation Engine on iTunes. You can also tune in via the podcast’s home on Stitcher Radio or SoundCloud to listen online, via Android or iOS, or on any device supporting a mobile browser. You can download The Innovation Engine‘s dedicated iOS app from the iTunes App Store, and you can subscribe to receive new episodes in your inbox each time one is published.

Will Sherlin

Will Sherlin

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Will Sherlin is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at 3Pillar Global. He oversees the 3Pillar website and other web properties, hosts 3Pillar’s ‘Innovation Engine’ podcast, and manages 3Pillar’s social media accounts. Prior to its acquisition by 3Pillar, Will was an Account Manager at PointAbout, a DC-based mobile app boutique that specialized in developing iPhone and iPad apps. He holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina.

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