December 13, 2021

3Pillar Global Announces New Strategic Leadership Growth to Expand Its Industry Depth

New Leaders will Deliver Innovative Technology Solutions with Widened Industry Focus

FAIRFAX, Va. – 3Pillar Global (“3Pillar”), a leading digital product development company that builds innovative digital solutions for clients, announced plans to broaden its industry specialization with a series of new hires and promotions to accelerate company growth in 2022 and beyond.

The company will add a fresh suite of services for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) clients in 2022, as well as broaden its current industry focus to capture additional market demand. 3Pillar jump-started this growth by hiring subject matter leader Ken Kritz to extend the company into the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industries and by naming existing team leaders, Chris Hansen and Kim Mirazimi, to take on expanded responsibilities within 3Pillar’s broader growth strategy.

“Throughout 2020 and 2021, 3Pillar Global experienced unprecedented success and rapid growth across industry sectors. We are more than ready to deliver 3Pillar’s unique value proposition and unparalleled service to exceed client expectations in our key industries,” said Chief Commercial Officer Heather Combs. “I can think of no better leaders to usher in this expansion than Ken, Chris, and Kim, who each have a proven record of delivering digital transformation and excellence for clients.”

Ken Kritz joined 3Pillar as a senior vice president, after previously serving as a sales leader for Slalom, a consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation, in over 35 markets around the world. Ken’s expertise in business leadership and strategy was honed through his years as a national vice president at Fujitsu and as a services executive at IBM. He has led teams of more than 50 sales professionals to understand, meet and surpass client needs.

As a dynamic market leader in the accelerating field of product development, 3Pillar responds quickly to adapt to emerging trends and demands by crafting teams capable of delivering software products that drive value clients need most. Chris Hansen, who previously led the Media and Information Services industries for 3Pillar, will now serve as senior vice president driving 3Pillar’s services for the communications, media and technology sector clients. Kim Mirazimi will expand her existing expertise in technology to take on a new leadership role as a senior vice president engaging with all of 3Pillar’s commercial sector clients.

“Today’s digital economy demands the utmost from those dedicated to delivering the kind of digital innovation that can truly shape industry trends. It demands the Product Mindset,” said Heather Combs. “This team of leaders brings tried and tested expertise in executing digital strategies, crafting purpose-built, high-performing teams, and cultivating successful business partnerships. I applaud their success, and am thrilled to see what they create for 3Pillar and our clients in their new leadership roles.”

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