July 23, 2015

3Pillar Global Quoted in Forrester Report on Discontinuous Application Innovation

On July 15, 2015, Forrester Research, Inc. released a report on recognizing the end of a product’s innovation life-cycle and moving toward discontinuous innovation in order to stay ahead of competitors. 3Pillar Global was quoted within the report, along with Capital One, General Electric, Microsoft, and others.

The report, titled “When And How To Do Discontinuous Application Innovation,” examines the limits of continuous innovation, as well as the ways in which companies can move forward from declining products in an effort to create new innovations that are both good and different.

As outlined in the graph below, most companies are unaware of a decline in the viability of their previously released applications. Companies will continue to maintain applications without considering whether their customers’ needs are still being satisfied instead of scrapping the old and starting fresh with new perspectives. Once companies take the step to create an entirely new product, they become aware of the invisible satisfaction gap, shown below, that the previous application or product was creating.

3Pillar Quoted in Forrester Report on Discontinuous Application Innovation

The report was written by Principal Analysts Kurt Bittner and Diego Lo Giudice. Christopher Mines and Derek Nahabedian also contributed.

Forrester’s description of the report reads:

Modern application delivery and DevOps practices such as continuous delivery enable AD&D pros to continuously and incrementally fine-tune their applications in response to evolving customer needs. But every software product reaches a point at which further improvement is impossible or impractical. What then? This report helps software development leaders understand when to branch off, creating a new minimum viable product (MVP) from which a new cycle of incremental innovation will ensue. Understanding when and how to shift from incremental to discontinuous innovation increases the odds that organizations will avoid being eclipsed by competitors, create new product and application categories, and create new markets where they can win, serve, and retain new customers. 

Forrester clients can download the full report for free on the Forrester website. For non-Forrester clients, the report is available for purchase.