December 17, 2014

3Pillar in Forrester Report on Agile Development

3Pillar was mentioned in a December 8, 2014 report by Forrester Research, Inc. on the utilization of agile software development. The report, “Market Overview: Agile Development Service Providers,” goes over the benefits and rising demand for companies who can get their products developed, tested, and brought to market faster using agile development. Forrester’s research survey was “fielded to 2,074 IT executives and technology decision makers (…) from SMB companies with two or more employees.”

The report discusses the increasing need for quicker product launches, and how this need has driven the demand for the utilization of Agile. Many businesses are not equipped for the shift in mindset that this methodology requires and cannot keep up with customers’ expectations. Forrester’s research concludes that the adoption of agile development methodologies is increasing and will likely continue to grow.

The report was written by Wolfgang Benkel and Diego Lo Giudice, and Forrester’s description of the report can be found below:

As business technology moves higher on the radar screen of CIOs, the need to leverage Agile application development techniques is rising. Application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders, seeking to create systems of engagement faster and more effectively, struggle to access Agile development resources, leading to strong adoption of Agile development services. In response to market demand, vendors are aggressively refining their practices, expanding their skills, and augmenting their geographical capabilities to support the growing expectations of clients on Agile. This document provides an overview of the primary Agile services players in the market, their level of Agile scale, what they are offering, and how to work with them. 

Forrester clients can download the full report for free on the Forrester website. For non-Forrester clients, the report is available for purchase.