June 29, 2015

The Intersection of Innovation & Marketing, with Dr. Leigh George

On this week’s episode of The Innovation Engine podcast, we look at the intersection of innovation and marketing. Among the topics we cover are:

  • Why marketing touches more areas of a business than ever before
  • The concept of “the visual web,” and why looks matter when it comes to marketing
  • How to go about reverse engineering your company’s social media strategy, and why you should do so in the first place

Dr. Leigh George joins us to discuss those topics and more. Dr. George is the Founder & CEO of Freedom, a boutique consulting company that helps organizations that feel stuck clear the way for innovation. She was previously the Director of Marketing and Communications at URAC, the VP of Social at Ogilvy, and the Director of Strategy at R2Integrated. Dr. George is one of the few people in the country with a PhD in Branding History and Theory, which she earned from Binghamton University.

Episode Highlights

Among the highlights of this week’s episode are:

  • We talk about some statistics in a 2012 Hubspot article about the importance of visuals in marketing, including that 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual and we process images 60,000 times faster than text
  • The role that emotion plays in the decision-making process and why emotions are more powerful drivers of actions than rational thought
  • In our conversation about social media, we discuss some of the recent changes at the C-level inside Twitter and what Leigh thinks it means for the company as a whole

Listen to the Episode

Interested in hearing more? Tune in to the full episode of the podcast below.

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