October 3, 2017

Take 3, Scene 27: The Pros & Cons of Machine Learning – with Kathryn Rosaaen and Jesse Vizcaino

Julia Slattery sits down with Kathryn Rosaaen and Jesse Vizcaino to define exactly what machine learning is, and explore the pros and cons of incorporating machine learning into your business.



  • AI and Machine Learning are often used interchangeably, but they actually are different terms. Think of AI as basically simulating any intellectual task, and it’s the end goal, if you will. Machine learning is a subset of that. It’s really a field that’s focused on creating the perfect experience for each and every user.
  • Why is machine learning getting big now? We have a much greater processing potential than even just a few years ago, partly thanks to cloud processing; Our algorithms are getting more mature; We have more open source tools and accessibility to open data; And infrastructure as a service platforms like AWS and IBM Watson are driving down costs.
  • The buzz words in this space are deep learning and neural networks. Neural networks are a machine learning approach. It’s really a type of algorithm, if you will, and it defines the nodes that pass information back and forth. Sort of like how the neurons in your brain works. Deep learning takes that concept across multiple computers for massive parallel processing.
  • If you want to use machine learning in your business, you need to be comfortable with experimentation and collaboration. This is a bleeding edge space and you need to understand that not everything is prescriptive or commoditized. Everyone in the space is learning, and we can all learn faster if we collaborate with each other.



Kathryn Rosaaen is a Product Manager for 3Pillar Global. With over 10 years of experience, she works with 3Pillar’s UX Designers, Engineers, and QA Leads to build innovative software products that drive business results for 3Pillar’s Media and Information Services partners.

Jesse Vizcaino is a Client Partner of the Technology industry at 3Pillar Global, where he promotes the health and growth of strategic 3Pillar client relationships, and helps companies derive value out of new or existing revenue-impacting digital products.