April 3, 2017

Take 3, Scene 20: Developing Trust with Global Teams

On this episode of Take 3, Kevin Boyle and Paul Doman join us to talk about the challenges and rewards of building trust with globally-distributed teams. We talk about their experience with different teams spread across the world, and how the trust they help build between team members strengthened the team completely.

Many teams at 3Pillar have members in our multiple office locations in the USA, Romania, and India. These teams face the expected challenges of figuring out when to meet across timezones and keeping their work in sync with each other. But the onset of these globally distributed teams always brings across the challenge – how do the members learn trust each other when they can’t even work in the same room together?

Listen to the Episode

Interested in hearing more? Tune in to the full episode below via the SoundCloud embed.

Episode Highlights

  • Kevin and Paul talk about the importance of developing this trust not just for the team members themselves, but also for the business as a whole
  • They share tips for building the trust and talk about the successes they’ve seen with their teams
  • We talk about the instances where they’ve seen teams struggle because of a lack of trust, and how to best avoid these issues

About the Guests

Paul Doman leads the Media and Information Services industry team at 3Pillar Global. His clients partner with 3Pillar to build impactful software that distributes digital content to consumers, such as PBS and the Daily Telegraph. He also works with data companies who are aggregating, analyzing, and monetizing data, such as Carfax.

Kevin Boyle is a Client Partner at 3Pillar Global, where he has close to a decade of experience with Product Development. He is responsible for the health and growth of strategic 3Pillar client relationships, and helps companies derive value out of new or existing revenue-impacting digital products.

Watch the Video

Check out the video of the episode below for a behind the scenes look at our podcast studio and a selection of episode highlights:

Take 3, Scene 20: How to Build Trust With Global Teams from 3Pillar Global on Vimeo.