August 22, 2016

Take 3, Scene 12: Conducting the Best Customer Interviews

On this episode of Take 3, we talk about how to conduct the best interviews and have the most valuable conversations with your customers. Jessica Hall and Vidhya Sriram join me in the studio to discuss their interview experience and share tips and tricks on how to improve your interviewing skills.

Episode Highlights

  • Jessica and Vidhya share the reasons for and benefits of interviewing versus other data collection techniques such as focus groups or test demos
  • The two of them share the best ways to engage customers throughout the interview to ensure that they are comfortable and provide you with valuable insight
  • Both Jessica and Vidhya share their most powerful interview experience, and how that experience has shaped the way that they approach customer interviews going forward

About the Guests

Jessica Hall is the Director of Product Consulting at 3Pillar Global, where she helps clients from startups to enterprises build great products by defining their vision, focusing development efforts, and engaging with customers.

Vidhya Sriram is the Senior Manager of Research and Experience Strategy at 3Pillar Global. She was the lead for multiple customer experience projects at Microsoft and has experience working with startups. She has over 14 years of experience in designing and implementing strategic initiatives across diverse domains.