May 19, 2017

Take 3, Scene 23: The Influence and Evolution of Blockchain

Michael Lisse and Derek Tiffany join us in the studio for this episode of Take 3 to talk about the influence and evolution of blockchain in the financial industry and beyond. Michael joins us ahead of the Consensus Summit in New York City, which is a conference dedicated to blockchain technology and what is happening in the blockchain industry. Michael will be attending the Summit from May 22nd to May 24th; you can follow his experience at Consensus on Twitter from his handle @mlisse.

Blockchain is a secure distributed ledger database that is used and shared by all nodes, or blocks in the blockchain network. Information that is stored and distributed through the blockchain network is completely secure and cannot be retroactively altered. All of the blocks run on the same software and continuously talk to each other to validate it.

Listen to the Episode

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Episode Highlights

  • Michael and Derek talk about the evolution of the blockchain interest from “crazed” to “unhinged” and what has allowed this evolution to occur
  • We look at why users would look to blockchain for financial transactions, and discuss the security offered by this network
  • Michael discusses what he’s looking forward to seeing and hearing at the Consensus Summit in May
  • Derek and Michael predict where the recent blockchain trends will carry the industry and what that might look like for users

Michael and Derek also joined us after the Consensus Conference to give us a debrief on the conference and look at where blockchain is moving in the future. Listen to Scene 24: The Influence and Evolution of Blockchain, Part 2 here:

About the Guests

Michael Lisse
Michael Lisse is a Senior Client Partner for 3Pillar Global. Michael is responsible for superior service to a range of clients within the Financial Services industry. This includes large and mid-size business services providers and innovators within the banking, investment management, and insurance industries.


Derek Tiffany

Derek Tiffany is a Technology Manager for 3Pillar Global with expertise across multiple technologies, including Microsoft .NET and Java frameworks. His specialties include mobile development, enterprise application, and framework integration.