June 6, 2017

Take 3, Scene 24: The Influence and Evolution of Blockchain, Part 2

On this episode of Take 3, we’re joined again by Michael Lisse and Derek Tiffany to hear their fresh insights from the Consensus Blockchain Summit in New York City. Michael and Derek had joined us prior to the summit to discuss how blockchain has evolved since its onset and how it has influenced the financial industry. Michael talked about what he was expected and hoping to see from the Summit, and Derek looked at the impact of blockchain from a technical perspective.

For this episode, they have both come back into the studio for a debrief on Consensus, a look at the way blockchain has shifted industry focus beyond the financial, and a discussion around the evolution of blockchain and what the future of this might look like.

Listen to the Episode

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Episode Highlights

  • Michael and Derek take a look at the influence that blockchain has on the improvement of identity management during transactions
  • We talk about how blockchain is shifting from solely touching the financial services industry and is now impacting a multitude of other industries
  • Michael talks about the different companies he saw at Consensus and how he can see their influence with blockchain, like Gem, Tierion, SAP, Union Square Ventures, Angel List, and the Toyota Research Institute, among others

About the Guests

Michael Lisse is a Senior Client Partner for 3Pillar Global. Michael is responsible for superior service to a range of clients within the Financial Services industry. This includes large and mid-size business services providers and innovators within the banking, investment management, and insurance industries.

Derek Tiffany is a Technology Manager for 3Pillar Global with expertise across multiple technologies, including Microsoft .NET and Java frameworks. His specialties include mobile development, enterprise application, and framework integration.