On-Demand Webinar: Win the Digital Transformation Game with the Product Mindset

No matter what your idea is, no matter how good it is, and no matter how well you know your market, 3 out of 4 digital initiatives do not succeed.

To better understand how to win, we should first understand why we’re failing. To pinpoint where this failure is coming, you can start by answering three simple questions:

  • Do you understand “the digital game”? How can you use technology to help you create dollars and not save pennies?
  • Does your team know the rules? Do they know the actual context behind what they are asked to build?
  • Do either of you know how to score? Do you understand where the business outcomes intersect with your customer’s needs?

In this webinar hosted by Product Management Today, David DeWolf, Founder and CEO of 3Pillar Global, shares his experiences and lessons learned to help you succeed in playing the “product” game, instead of the “IT” game.

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