On-Demand Webinar: Is DevOps Right for You?

In theory, DevOps reduces human error, decreases time spent & improves overall efficiency. However, is it right for your organization? Watch this on-demand webinar where we discuss the business goals of DevOps, the obstacles you may encounter, and what real DevOps ROI looks like, before diving into real life case studies of clients who implemented DevOps and the outcomes they saw (versus what they expected to see).

Learn how DevOps can support your business goals and keep your competitive edge sharp

  • Target a level of maturity that suits your business and environment. You can access the DevOps maturity model covered in the webinar here
  • Take into account factors in your environment that may be holding you back
  • Connect your DevOps investments to business outcomes and ROI

Watch the Webinar

Meet the presenters

Jonathan Rivers: Jonathan Rivers is 3Pillar’s Chief Technology Advisor and former Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, he led 3Pillar’s Product and Engineering organizations. This includes more than 800 software engineers, product consultants, product managers, quality assurance and user experience professionals.

Dan Greene: Dan Greene is the Director of Cloud Services at 3Pillar Global. Dan is an AWS Certified Solution Architect and has more than 20 years of software design and development experience, with software and product architecture experience in eCommerce, B2B integration, Geospatial Analysis, SOA architecture, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.


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