August 29, 2016

Lean Product, with Jeremy Caverly

Jeremy Caverly joins us on this episode of The Innovation Engine podcast to talk lean product and customer experience management.

We cover some of the forces at play that have brought the lean approach to the forefront in the world of software development, the skill sets and mind sets a team needs to be able to implement lean product methodologies successfully, and why customer experience entails so much more than the more commonly discussed topic of user experience.

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About Jeremy Caverly

Jeremy Caverly is an Intraprenuer, product manager and mobile strategist at In-House Realty, part of the Quicken Loans family of companies. In addition to digital marketing & growth-hacking, Jeremy’s areas of expertise include Mobile Product Development, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Content Distribution, and Blockchain technologies. Just a few of the companies with whom he has worked over the course of nearly two decades are Nike, Whole Foods, Universal Music, PBS, and Visa.

About The Innovation Engine

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Show Notes