Introducing the *New* 3Pillar Global!

3Pillar GlobalYesterday was a historic day for us here at 3Pillar Global. We unveiled a new logo, a new website, and our spacious new headquarters in Fairfax, VA to the world at the 3Pillar Global Premiere Party.

The party coincided with similar gatherings at our overseas offices in India, Argentina, and Romania. It marked the first time that all of our locations worldwide have been fully integrated under the same corporate umbrella, which is truly a cause for celebration in our eyes. If you don’t believe us, check out these Facebook pictures of the Premiere Party in India and see how happy the 3Pillar Global crew in India is to be part of our organization.

What does the new 3Pillar mean to the outside world? It means that not only do we have a shared global identity, we also have a unified way of getting software products to market quickly and efficiently. On a related note, today we announced a new strategic offering for our roster of clients – a Product Design Service that is meant to help accelerate product time-to-market and drive product revenue.

3Pillar has come a long way as a company since being founded by David DeWolf in 2006. Our numbers have grown from less than 10 employees in 2007 to nearly 600 employees on four continents in six short years. To hear and see more about the journey from Three Pillar Software to Three Pillar Global to 3Pillar, check out the video below for a bit of company history and an introduction to just a few of the hundreds of people who make 3Pillar tick.


Nicole Gillen

Nicole Gillen

SVP, Marketing and Inside Sales

Nicole Gillen oversees the Marketing and Inside Sales organizations at 3Pillar Global. In this capacity, she is responsible for global management of the company’s overall marketing and branding direction, as well as oversight of all inbound leads throughout the organization. Gillen has a history of setting up and overseeing marketing organizations for high-tech companies like 3Pillar. She is a marketing strategist who crafts clear messages that help define and separate 3Pillar. In total, Gillen has twenty years of marketing and IT experience, including marketing strategy and program development. She has held several leadership positions in business management, marketing, and international operations. Prior to joining 3Pillar, Gillen was the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Exostar, a cloud-services based identity assurance and supply chain technology company serving clients in aerospace, defense, and bio-pharma.

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