February 18, 2015

The Internet of Things, with Alex Besen

On this week’s episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast we look at the Internet of Things and the wave of innovation it will unleash. We talk about how the Internet of Things will eventually mean that the Internet fades into the background of our everyday lives, how mobile and the Internet of Things will feed off of one another symbiotically, and which companies are doing the most innovative things today in the IoT space.

Alex Besen, Founder & CEO of The Besen Group, joins us to talk about these topics and more. The Besen Group is a Virginia-based consulting organization with expertise in the mobile data industry. Alex has over two decades of experience in the mobile industry, managing a network of independent consultants and channel partners. He also provides advisory and training services to corporate executives in the mobile data industry. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has spoken at events like the Sprint Mobility in Action Summit 2014, MVNO World Congress 2013, and CCA Global Expo 2013. He has also been quoted in leading publications like USA Today, the New York Times, Business Week, Computerworld, the Chicago Tribune, and Information Week. Here are a few highlights from the episode with Alex Besen:

  • We kick things off by asking Alex how profound an impact he thinks the IoT will end up having on our everyday lives
  • Alex shares his views on the future of the internet especially in the light of a recent comment by Google CEO Eric Schmidt that “The Internet Will Disappear”
  • Alex talks about the companies to watch out for in the IoT space and mentions the ones currently doing some of the most innovative things around IoT
  • Alex explains what he thinks will happen 5 years down the line courtesy of advances made in the IoT space


Interested in hearing more? Tune in to the full episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast below.

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