June 6, 2014

Innovation & the Law, with Seth Berenzweig, Clyde Findley, and Frank Gulino

On this week’s episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast, we take a look at innovation through the lens of the law. Love it or hate it, the law isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and knowing how to use the law to protect your business interests is a necessity for companies of all shapes and sizes. From small startups looking to incorporate for the first time to huge enterprises looking to protect their products and innovations through patents, this episode has a little bit of something for everybody.

Seth Berenzweig and Frank Gulino of Berenzweig Leonard and Clyde Findley of Cloudigy Law join us on this week’s podcast to help us understand some of the intricacies involved in business innovation and intellectual property from a legal standpoint. Berenzweig Leonard and Cloudigy are two of the DC area’s most prestigious intellectual property firms, and we were thrilled to get to broadcast this week’s episode from their offices in nearby McLean.

Here are some of the highlights from the “Innovation and the Law” episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast:

  • We kick things off by asking Frank how startup entrepreneurs can protect themselves from one another in light of co-founder spats at companies like Facebook and Snapchat.
  • Clyde takes on the question of whether patents really mean anything any more given the patent wars being waged between companies like Apple and Samsung. He goes on to discuss the right time to apply for one, the right process to apply for it, and the time it takes from the filing of the patent to actually getting it.
  • We take a high-level look at net neutrality and the implications future court decisions could have on content providers, consumers, and internet service providers.
  • We discuss Berenzweig Leonard and Cloudigy’s recent launch of GovConIP.com, a joint effort between the firms where they will write about the intersection of intellectual property and the government contracting procurement process.

Interested in hearing more? Tune in to the full episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast below:

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