October 31, 2014

The Future of Payments, with Kenal Shah & Brian Oh

The future of payments is the topic of discussion on the 40th episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast. Kenal Shah and Brian Oh join us to discuss how the payments ecosystem will change over the short and long term and which technologies will fuel consumer adoption of new payment platforms. We talk about the hot and heavy battle currently taking place between Apple Pay and the Merchant Customer Exchange, how we’ll all be parting with our hard-earned money 5 years from now, the Poynt point-of-sale system, and whether there’s actually pent-up demand from consumers for new ways to pay.

Kenal Shah is a Sr. Product Manager at 3Pillar who has worked with a broad range of clients to bring products to market, including one of the largest insurance providers in the world. Brian Oh is a Product Manager at 3Pillar who has successfully launched products ranging from large-scale SaaS products to quick turnaround iOS and Android applications. Clients with whom he has worked included one of the country’s largest institutional investors. He has also worked for a leading wearables technology provider and heads our internal R&D Labs initiative on all things wearables.

Among the highlights of this week’s episode:

  • We talk about the article that launched the podcast, which covers the battle taking place between Apple Pay and the Mobile Customer Exchange’s CurrentC payment solution
  • Kenal gives a primer on Near Field Communications (NFC), the technology behind payment solutions like Apple Pay and MasterCard PayPass
  • We talk about Bluetooth Low Energy and why it may part of the solution for the next generation of mobile payment solutions
  • Brian shares why he is bullish on Poynt, the point-of-sale system that Verge covered in a recent article titled The guy behind Google Wallet is back to change payments all over again

Listen to the Episode

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