January 27, 2015

The Golden Episode: The Innovation Engine, Episode 50

3Pillar Global CEO David DeWolf joins us in the studio for a very special podcast episode – the 50th episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast. For this episode, David plays host and asks me about some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from guests over the course of the first 49 episodes of the podcast. We talk about the 3 biggest takeaways I’ve gleaned on the topic of innovation, what some of the best (and worst) moments of the podcasting journey have been, and what I think training to dunk a basketball and the innovation process have in common.

David DeWolf is the Founder and CEO of 3Pillar Global. In this role, he has guided our company to a leadership position within the Product Development Services sector, establishing 3Pillar as the go-to innovator for content, information, and data-rich companies looking to grow revenue through software. In 2012, David was named one of SmartCEO Magazine’s “Future 50.” In 2011, he was recognized by the Washington Business Journal as one of “40 Under 40” who are Washington, D.C.’s brightest young business leaders. In 2010, he was selected a winner of the Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

These are just a few of the highlights of the 50th episode of the podcast:

  • We talk about my singular favorite moment from the first 49 episodes – a game of “1 Word Story” with Russ Schoen during the 12 episode of the podcast, “The Importance of Being Open”
  • I share an anecdote from the episode with Dr. Kevin Freiberg on “The Power of Cause” that was among the most powerful moments of any episode
  • I get to answer the question that I’ve asked of many other guests on the podcast: “What technologies are you bullish on?”
  • We take the podcast full circle and attempt to “taste the innovation” in a couple of Taco Bell’s newfangled Doritos Locos and Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos

Interested in hearing more? You can listen to the full 50th episode of the podcast below:

About The Innovation Engine

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