November 9, 2015

Behind the Screens: The Making of The Innovation Engine Podcast App

For a very special episode of The Innovation Engine podcast, we talk with some of the team behind the forthcoming iOS app for the podcast. We talk about where the idea and inspiration for the app came from, what the process of developing the app has been like since it was first conceived, and when you can expect to see it in the App Store.

Guests on this week’s episode include 3Pillar’s Kevin Boyle, Matt Sich, Paul Axente, Chris Graham, and David DeWolf.

Kevin Boyle is a Client Partner at 3Pillar with close to a decade of experience in the world of Product Development. Matt Sich is a Software Engineer at 3Pillar who’s referred to in the tech community as a “unicorn” – that rare breed of person who’s equally as comfortable designing as he is developing. Paul Axente is a UX Engineer at 3Pillar with five-plus years of experience in web design and user interface design. Chris Graham is a Client Executive in the Media & Entertainment space who joined us for the 78th episode of the podcast. David DeWolf is 3Pillar’s CEO. He has appeared on multiple previous episodes of the podcast, most recently to discuss the 2015 Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference.

Episode Highlights

Highlights of this week’s episode include:

  • Kevin Boyle shares some background on the origins of the app and the void he experienced that he thought an app for the podcast could help fill
  • Matt Sich talks about trial and error during the development process and why iterative design is additive rather than subtractive
  • Paul Axente discusses 3D Touch interactions in iOS 9, how he envisions future versions of the app employing 3D Touch, and the inspiration for the visual treatment he gave the app
  • Chris Graham narrates a walk-through of a demo version of the app once it’s nearly ready to submit to Apple for approval
  • David DeWolf talks about why he green lit the app’s development in the first place and discusses the benefits of getting outside your comfort zone to do something different

Listen to the Episode

Interested in hearing more? Tune in to the full episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast below.

About The Innovation Engine

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