June 11, 2024

An Introduction to the World of Codeless Apps, with Andrew Sullivan of Unqork

Most healthcare organizations — from payers to insurance companies to providers — are so bogged down with maintaining disparate, decades-old legacy systems that they lack the resources to create the technical solutions they want. That’s where Unqork comes into play.

3Pillar’s Healthcare Industry Leader, Steve Rowe, hosts this episode of The Innovation Engine and talks with Andrew Sullivan, Industry Partner at Unqork. Unqork is a codeless platform for application building that was founded to help companies eliminate the technical debt that accrues any time companies introduce code-based solutions into their technology stack.

Andrew walks us through a few of the challenges commonly seen in the healthcare vertical, including prior authorization systems still being ruled by COBOL and other difficult-to-maintain legacy technologies, client portals that don’t meet customer expectations in 2024, and poorly customized and integrated off-the-shelf SaaS products.

Then, Andrew and Steve dive into how Unqork solves these problems. Unqork is a codeless platform for application building that provides users with an easy, modular, drag-and-drop solution for application development. It enables batch processing, mainframe database connections, and APIs to tie systems together, orchestrate data, and put everything users need in a single application. It also comes with a library of components that can be easily selected, visually rendered for review by non-technical staff, and then quickly up and running.

Steve’s conversation with Andrew will resonate with just about any healthcare executive. 3Pillar is an official Unqork partner; if listeners are interested in exploring how to use Unqork for some of the topic areas covered in this episode, please feel free to reach out to Steve or Andrew!

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